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Event | June 09, 2018

A Threat to Democracy

Join the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) and the New-York Historical Society for a talk by former FBI special agent Clint Watts on fake news, terrorism and foreign interference and what can be done to counter those threats.
Analysis | May 18, 2018

Can Moscow Mediate Between Israel and Iran in Syria?

As tensions between Iran and Israel rise to new heights, Russia finds itself in a tricky position—trying to balance between two states that are friendly with Moscow but mortal enemies to each other.
Event | May 18, 2018

Yeltsin and the Press

Join the Wilson Center's Kennan Institute for a discussion of freedom of press in Russia during the 1990s.
Event | May 31, 2018

The Prospects for Russia in Putin's Fourth Term

Join Harvard's Davis Center for the latest installment of the Sakharov Seminar on Human Rights with Yulia Latynina, columnist for Ekho Moskvy, Novaya Gazeta and The Moscow Times.