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Digest | Jul 10, 2020
Analysis | Jul 08, 2020
A more nuanced understanding of Putin’s possible motives for the amendments to Russia's constitution—and how the U.S. could shape them in its policy toward Russia—could facilitate Russia’s leadership transition rather than hinder it.
Analysis | Jul 08, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic and the steep drop of oil and gas prices may pose a serious challenge to Russia’s economic model. Mitrova argues that current shocks to the Russian energy market could pale in comparison to long-term consequences.
Event | Jul 09, 2020
Join the Wilson Center's Kennan Institute on Thursday, July 9 for the latest in an occasional series featuring discussions with leading experts and thinkers on Russia and Eurasia. The talk will focus on today's Russian intelligence community.
Event | Jul 09, 2020
Join George Washington University's Central Asia Program for a virtual discussion on a new report detailing the social and economic impacts of the novel coronavirus in Central Asia. 
Event | Jul 08, 2020
Join NYU's Jordan Center and Columbia's Harriman Institute for a meeting of the New York-Russia Public Policy Seminar dedicated to Russian civil society in the time of COVID. 
Event | Jul 10, 2020
Join the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) for an online event on declining Russian influence in the Baltic region.
Analysis | Jul 01, 2020
The probability of Russia resorting to a Crimea-style intervention in the Baltics remains low. As a key energy supplier and major trading partner for the region, Russia has more to gain by using economic levers as opposed to military ones to retain influence.