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Analysis | Jun 12, 2024
Our research shows that in terms of age, Putin is not an outlier among Russia’s rulers of the past century nor among the present rulers of some of Russia’s peers, allies and adversaries.
Analysis | Jun 06, 2024
Stephen Kotkin, a renowned historian and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, surveys what happened, where we stand now and what the United States should do next in his contribution to a collection of essays covering the Russia-Ukraine war.
Analysis | May 30, 2024
Recent events indicate that the Kremlin has set a course for reviewing privatization deals and, more broadly, for the redistribution of property in the Russian economy.
Post | May 16, 2024
Sworn in for yet another presidential term, Vladimir Putin is firmly on the path to becoming Russia’s longest ruler, surpassing even Josef Stalin, who governed Soviet Russia for almost 31 years. For many, a future Russia without Putin remains a black box. Some fear a civil war, perhaps triggered by…

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