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Competing Views on Russia

Kissinger on Russia: Insights and Recommendations

RM Staff and Associates December 01, 2023 RM Exclusives
In a compilation of remarks, newly updated following the eminent U.S. statesman's passing, Kissinger offers ways to reconcile America’s necessities with Russia’s concerns.

What Would a Trump Administration Mean for the War in Ukraine?

Anatol Lieven November 30, 2023 RM Exclusives
Following the failure of the Ukrainian offensive, all major players in the war in Ukraine seem to be awaiting the outcome of the 2024 U.S. presidential election to address the problem of negotiations.

Gender Norms Keep Russian, Ukrainian Servicewomen From Combat

Jessica Trisko Darden November 22, 2023 RM Exclusives
Despite a century of women’s involvement in the region’s wars, Russian and Ukrainian women's involvement as combatants today echoes a global pattern where women are relegated to roles that distance them from frontline combat. 

Putin Returns Empty-Handed From Beijing

The Bell October 30, 2023
Despite much back-slapping about the Sino-Russian partnership, no major economic agreements were signed during Putin's recent trip to China.

West Sanctions Russian Aviation, But Moscow Decides to Keep Planes Flying Despite Risks

Steven E. Harris October 26, 2023 RM Exclusives
As Russia seeks cracks in Western countries’ united efforts to sanction Russia over its war against Ukraine, U.S. policymakers and their allies need to better explain not only the motifs, but also the goals of their punitive measures against Russia’s aviation sector.
book review

Thomas Graham on Why and How America Should Start Getting Russia Right

Simon Saradzhyan October 19, 2023 RM Exclusives
The U.S. needs to get Russia right, which requires America to see Russia “plainly and without sentiment,” Graham writes in his new book.

Russian Reactions to Hamas-Israel Conflict: From Offers of Mediation to Schadenfreude

Conor Cunningham, Olga Kiyan, Mikael Pir-Budagyan October 13, 2023
A compilation of the reactions of Russian officials, prominent Putin critics, prominent Putin supporters, pro-war bloggers, and the public at large to Hamas' attacks and Israel's response.

Strategic Posture Commission Report Calls For Broad Nuclear Buildup

Hans Kristensen, Matt Korda, Eliana Johns and Mackenzie Knight October 12, 2023 Recommended Reads
On Oct. 12, the Strategic Posture Commission released its long-awaited report on U.S. nuclear policy and strategic stability. The 12-member Commission was hand-picked by Congress in 2022 to conduct a threat assessment, consider alterations to U.S. force posture and provide recommendations.
Competing Views on Russia

New Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown on Russia

Conor Cunningham, Mikael Pir-Budagyan and RM Staff October 06, 2023 RM Exclusives
What has the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Russia? See our compilation for his observations and recommendations for countering “the acute threat of Russia.”

Azerbaijan Waited for Its Opening on Nagorno-Karabakh. This Week It Found It

David Ignatius September 25, 2023
Armenia's pivot West was probably badly timed. It alienated the Russians without bringing reliable Western help.

A Country Living in Three Eras: Reflections on the 75th anniversary of the DPRK

Alexander Solovyov September 22, 2023 Recommended Reads
Solovyov considers the Cold War, hegemony and the "grand narratives" underpinning Moscow-Pyongyang ties.
Competing Views on Russia

William Burns on Russia

Daniel Shapiro and RM Staff September 19, 2023 RM Exclusives
What has the CIA director said on Russia? Check out our compilation for some of Burns' observations and policy ideas regarding Russia.