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Russia's Opposition Has Lost a Crucial Leader but Gained a Martyr

February 20, 2024 Recommended Reads
Alexei Navalny’s death is a sign of how Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship has transformed.

FY24 NDAA: Decreased Funding for Ukraine and Other Changes

Aleksandra Srdanovic February 15, 2024 RM Exclusives
This in-depth look at the FY24 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) details key Russia-related highlights and changes from FY23.

Ditch the ‘Rules-Based International Order’

Andreas Kluth February 08, 2024 Recommended Reads
The phrase is a linguistic atrocity, while the concept draws attention to American hypocrisy in the Middle East and beyond. There’s an alternative.
Competing Views on Russia

Fiona Hill on Russia: Insights and Recommendations

RM Staff February 05, 2024 RM Exclusives
Fiona Hill, former National Security Council senior director for European and Russian affairs, has been producing scholarship, analysis and commentary on Russia for nearly 30 years. Get a sampling of it here.

Macron’s European Security Order: Stronger European Defense, Less Reliance on US and New Post-War Dynamic With Russia

Rym Momtaz February 02, 2024 RM Exclusives
Since February 2023, Macron has consistently stated that Russia cannot and must not win its war against Ukraine—but at the same time, he has repeatedly talked about the need to build a security architecture “with” Russia once the war is over.

Russia, the West and the ‘World Majority’

Angela Stent January 25, 2024 RM Exclusives
As Russia begins its one-year presidency of the BRICS this month, great power competition in the Global South, or what Russia now calls the “World Majority,” will intensify.

Russia's Upper Hand Puts US-Ukraine at a Crossroads

George Beebe and Anatol Lieven January 11, 2024 Recommended Reads
Absent a compromise settlement, massive levels of aid for Kyiv would have to continue, perhaps indefinitely.

The High Price of Losing Ukraine: Part 2 — The Military Threat and Beyond

Nataliya Bugayova December 22, 2023 Recommended Reads
A Russian victory in Ukraine would create a world fundamentally antithetical to U.S. interests and values with an empowered anti-Western coalition.
Competing Views on Russia

General David Petraeus on the Russia-Ukraine War

Kate Davidson, Conor Cunningham and RM Staff December 21, 2023 RM Exclusives
Petraeus shared with Harvard students, faculty and staff the insights he has outlined in his most recent book, co-authored with Andrew Roberts, "Conflict: The Evolution of Warfare from 1945 to Ukraine."

For Putin, Winning is Not Everything in Russia’s Presidential Election

Thomas Graham December 20, 2023 RM Exclusives
The election is meant to showcase Putin’s mastery of the political system, and therefore his legitimacy; by extension, it will serve as a referendum on the war in Ukraine itself.

What Putin’s Unsurprising Re-Election Bid Means for Russia’s Future

Nikolas K. Gvosdev December 13, 2023 RM Exclusives
Putin wants the 2024 elections to confirm that he is the only option for seeing the Ukraine conflict to a successful close.

Putin’s Favorite “Project Managers” Could Become a Risk to the Regime

Andrey Pertsev December 05, 2023 Recommended Reads
Enterprising and competent officials know full well they can survive without Putin. Whether the regime can survive without them, though, is another matter.