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Is Putin Too Old to Rule Russia?

RM Associates and Staff June 12, 2024 RM Exclusives
Our research shows that in terms of age, Putin is not an outlier among Russia’s rulers of the past century nor among the present rulers of some of Russia’s peers, allies and adversaries.
book review

Stephen Kotkin on Ukraine, Russia, China and the World

Kate Davidson June 06, 2024 RM Exclusives
Stephen Kotkin, a renowned historian and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, surveys what happened, where we stand now and what the United States should do next in his contribution to a collection of essays covering the Russia-Ukraine war.

Is Russia Shifting Toward Mobilization Economy or Forming New, Loyal Business Elite?

Andrei Yakovlev May 30, 2024 RM Exclusives
Recent events indicate that the Kremlin has set a course for reviewing privatization deals and, more broadly, for the redistribution of property in the Russian economy.

Expert Survey: What to Expect From Putin’s Fifth Term?

RM Staff May 10, 2024 RM Exclusives
We asked several of America’s leading Russia experts to comment on what to expect from Russia’s relations with the West, China and post-Soviet Eurasia during Vladimir Putin’s new term, and how long his rule may last.

Fiona Hill on Putin, Ukraine, Global Challenges

Angelina Flood May 01, 2024 RM Exclusives
In this exclusive interview with Russia Matters, Hill paints a picture of a world in flux, in part due to Russia’s revisionist actions.

CIA Director Burns on Ukraine: ‘We’re Running Out of Time to Help Them’

George W. Bush Presidential Center April 25, 2024 Recommended Reads
William Burns sat down with David Kramer at the George W. Bush Presidential Center Forum on Leadership to discuss Russia, the Middle East, U.S. competition with China and the role of emerging technologies in the world of intelligence.

Personnel Stagnation to Splinter Putin Elite With Battle of Lost Generations

Andrey Pertsev April 19, 2024 Partner Posts
Putin is more likely to promote people in their forties than older generations who have been in power for too long and can envisage life without him. But Russia doesn’t have enough young administrators ready to replace those in their sixties.

Putin and Xi’s Unholy Alliance.

Alexander Gabuev April 09, 2024 Recommended Reads
Why the West won’t be able to drive a wedge between Russia and China.

How Ukraine is Using AI to Fight Russia

The Economist April 08, 2024 Recommended Reads
From target hunting to catching sanctions-busters, its war is increasingly high-tech

Nobody Actually Knows What Russia Does Next

Stephen M. Walt April 02, 2024 Recommended Reads
The West’s warnings about Vladimir Putin’s future plans are getting louder—but not any more convincing.

Zelenskyy: 'We Are Trying to Find Some Way Not to Retreat'

David Ignatius March 29, 2024 Partner Posts
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivered a stark message to Congress in an interview as Russian missiles were pounding southern Ukraine.

Crocus Attack Ends Lull of Six Years, Raises Question About Law-Enforcers’ Focus

Simon Saradzhyan March 28, 2024 RM Exclusives
One factor that propelled Vladimir Putin to power was his ability to convince many that he was the kind of leader who not only promised to protect them from the horrors of mass-casualty terrorism, but also delivered on his promises of security.