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Competing Views on Russia

Kissinger on Russia: Insights and Recommendations

RM Staff July 07, 2017 RM Exclusives
The eminent U.S. statesman offers ways to reconcile America’s necessities with Russia’s concerns.

Survey: Tips for President Trump Ahead of His First Meeting With Putin

RM Experts July 03, 2017 RM Exclusives
What should be at the top of the two leaders’ agenda? Avoiding war, bolstering arms control, cooperating on counter-terrorism, Ukraine … and not getting their hopes too high.

Review of NASIC Report 2017: Nuclear Force Developments

Hans M. Kristensen June 30, 2017 Recommended Reads
Newly updated, the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) report provides a rare and invaluable official resource for monitoring and analyzing the status of ballistic and cruise missiles around the world.

Open Letter to President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin

Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor Ivanov and Sam Nunn June 29, 2017 Partner Posts
Four influential foreign-policy thinkers—former senior officials from Germany, Russia, the UK and the U.S.—call on Moscow and Washington to “stop the downward spiral in relations" and work together on areas of existential common interest.

Understanding Russia Doesn’t Mean Liking Moscow; It Means Making America Safer

Paul Saunders June 28, 2017 RM Exclusives
Like in business or politics, it is essential to understand one’s rivals. Only then can we predict their behavior and advance our own aims less expensively and more effectively.

To Deal with the Russians, America Must Think Like the Russians

Bruce Allyn June 22, 2017 Partner Posts
America and Russia seem to be blindly repeating the errors of the past, creating a nuclear déjà vu even more menacing than before.

Sen. Sam Nunn: 'We Have a Choice Between Cooperation or Catastrophe'

Mariana Budjeryn June 20, 2017 RM Exclusives
The veteran U.S. lawmaker, who played a key role in dismantling and safeguarding the nuclear weapons of a disintegrating Soviet Union, reflects on the program’s motives, impact and shortcomings.

4 US Ambassadors Offer a Positive Agenda for US-Russian Relations

John R. Beyrle, James F. Collins, Jack F. Matlock, Jr. and Alexander R. Vershbow June 19, 2017 Partner Posts
Bilateral ties are in crisis, with a trust level “below zero.” The stakes are too high to let relations deteriorate further. Here are several areas of potential cooperation.

From the Tsardom of Muscovy to Nuclear Cooperation: Podcasts on Russia

Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia June 19, 2017 Partner Posts
Throughout the summer, the Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia will host expert lectures and seminars on a variety of topics ranging from history and art to diplomacy and nonproliferation. As the symposium progresses, these lectures will be made available as podcasts.

Taking the Edge off U.S.-Russia Strategic Relations

Steven Pifer June 16, 2017 RM Exclusives
Now that the U.S. and Russia have agreed to resume talks on strategic stability, they should begin them as soon as possible in order to prevent a conflict with dire consequences.