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As China Rises, Russia Tries to Make the Best of a Tough Situation

Jeanne L. Wilson May 19, 2017 RM Exclusives
Beijing’s giant trade and transit initiative, called One Belt, One Road, symbolizes a shifting balance of global power, and Moscow is casting about for a decent spot in the new order.

Assessing the Damage of the President’s Intelligence Sharing with Russia

Rolf Mowatt-Larssen May 17, 2017 Partner Posts
Sadly, at a time when Donald Trump needed coordination with the intelligence community, his actions have undermined its trust. This does not serve U.S. security interests.

A Sino-Russian Military-Political Alliance Would Be Bad News for America

Simon Saradzhyan May 12, 2017 RM Exclusives
Vladimir Putin’s visit to Beijing signals growing Russian support for China’s OBOR initiative and even the far-off prospect of a Sino-Russian alliance. America would be wise to gently pull Moscow from Beijing’s embrace.

A Strategy for (Modestly Increasing the Chance of) Saving the INF Treaty

James M. Acton May 11, 2017 RM Exclusives
While it’s highly unlikely that Russia will return to compliance with the INF Treaty, the U.S. should make every effort to save the agreement by creating three realities that Moscow can’t ignore.

In France, Would a Macron Victory Spell Defeat for Putin? Or a Shift to ‘Multipolarity’?

Mathew Burrows May 05, 2017 RM Exclusives
Russia will not necessarily suffer from a Macron victory in France. In fact, if it’s willing to accept a stronger Europe, it may get a bit of the multipolarity and pragmatism it has long sought.

Snapshot Analysis: Putin’s Overture to Trump on Syria

Simon Saradzhyan May 03, 2017 RM Exclusives
In proposing safe zones, Russia wants to woo the U.S. into better coordination of diplomatic efforts to resolve the Syria conflict. The plan has already brought some dividends.
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Russia’s New Conventional Capability: Implications for Eurasia and Beyond

Nikolai Sokov May 01, 2017 Recommended Reads
Russia’s new conventional-strike capability is significant for the West, whether or not the West wants to acknowledge it.

Russia and America Don’t Need Each Other as Enemies

Paul Saunders April 27, 2017 RM Exclusives
The idea that they do is as dangerous as it is convenient.

Russian Defense Spending: Tricky Math

Olga Oliker April 26, 2017 RM Exclusives
With Russia flexing its military muscle, analysts are increasingly interested in how much Moscow is spending on weapons. This explainer lays out the factors that make those numbers hard to crunch.

Ukraine Between Russia and the West Buffer or Flashpoint?

Thomas Graham, Rajan Menon and Jack Snyder April 24, 2017 Partner Posts
Ukraine's domestic turmoil and relations with Russia, the U.S., and Europe may not make it an ideal candidate for a buffer state, but that outcome could be better than the other alternatives.