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‘We Fight How We Can’: Russian Views on Ukraine’s Counteroffensive—How It Happened and What Comes Next

RM Staff September 16, 2022 RM Exclusives
The response in Russia’s pro-war camp to Ukraine’s success generally fell into three categories: spin, spleen and silence.
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20 Years After 9/11: The 'Undestroyed Virus' of Terrorism

Andrei Kortunov September 11, 2022
Why has the goal set more than two decades ago not been achieved?

Does War in Ukraine Impact Vital US Interests?

Ingrid Burke Friedman, Aleksandra Srdanovic and RM Staff September 08, 2022 RM Exclusives
Despite the West's multiple rounds of sanctions on Moscow and ramped up military, economic and humanitarian aid for Kyiv, Biden has made clear he has no intention of sending American troops into Ukraine, as have leaders of other NATO countries.
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Russia’s Economy: ‘The Cart Keeps Creaking Along the Long Path Down’

The Bell/Russia.Post September 07, 2022 Recommended Reads
An interview with Vladimir Gimpelson, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Russia’s Higher School of Economics.
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‘A Very Long Story’: Russia Will Pay a High Price for Economic Decoupling From Europe

Vadim Grishin September 06, 2022 Recommended Reads
The Russian economy is on track for a deep recession, even amid hints of temporary respite.
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Economists Explain Why Sanctions Have Not Brought Down Russia's Economy (Yet)

Meduza September 05, 2022 Recommended Reads
Four experts from the worlds of academe and research weigh in at Meduza's request.
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Russia’s Turn to the East: Between Choice and Necessity

Timofei Bordachev September 01, 2022
Relations with the Asian countries are indeed becoming not a choice, but a necessity.

Fact and Analysis Check: Is Odesa ‘Putin’s Obsession'?

Graham Allison August 29, 2022 RM Exclusives
A recent New York Times article claims Odesa is “Putin’s obsession.” But is there any evidence to support this big idea?

On Ukraine War, India Balances on Fine Line Between Russia and West

Rakesh Sharma August 26, 2022 RM Exclusives
The war in Ukraine has confronted India with difficult strategic choices as it strives to balance relationships with Washington and with Moscow while competing with Beijing.

The World Putin Wants

Fiona Hill and Angela Stent August 25, 2022 Recommended Reads
Russia’s president ordered his "special military operation" because he believes that it is Russia’s divine right to rule Ukraine, to wipe out the country’s national identity and to integrate its people into a Greater Russia.
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Volunteer Battalions: From Offense to (Territorial) Defense?

Nikolai Petrov August 19, 2022
Launched in the spring, the large-scale program to form volunteer battalions across Russia’s regions seeks to accomplish several tasks.
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The Russian Revolution Failed. Long Live the Revolution!

Victor Davidoff August 19, 2022
In 2022, the anniversary of the victorious "August Revolution of 1991" in Russia brings only bitter disappointment that descends into depression.