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The World According to Dyumin—Putin’s Former Bodyguard and His Potential Successor

Olga Kiyan February 29, 2024 RM Exclusives
Aleksey Dyumin, Putin's former bodyguard and governor of the Tula oblast—which Dyumin has called Russia's "weapons capital"—will likely be one of the top contenders to succeed Putin thanks to his proximity to the Russian leader and his versatile experience.

Putin’s Favorite “Project Managers” Could Become a Risk to the Regime

Andrey Pertsev December 05, 2023 Recommended Reads
Enterprising and competent officials know full well they can survive without Putin. Whether the regime can survive without them, though, is another matter.

Strelkov’s Arrest

Tatiana Stanovaya July 23, 2023 Recommended Reads
The FSB is in favor of a hardline approach toward "angry patriots," especially figures like Strelkov, who is regarded as a nationalistic "Navalny."
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Devoted to Putin: Volodin's Views on Russia, the West and the Rest

RM Staff January 27, 2023 RM Exclusives
Despite his mastery of reductionist flattery and "unlimited devotion" to Putin, the speaker of the State Duma likely isn't a member of the Russian president's inner-most circle. Still, he may have a shot at the Kremlin when Putin steps down.
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Dmitry Medvedev in His Own Words: From Modernizing Liberal to Hateful Hawk

RM Staff January 04, 2023 RM Exclusives
Analysts believe the public metamorphosis is meant to keep the ex-president/ex-prime minister politically relevant and close to Russia's pro-war ruling elite.
Clues from Russian Views

Divided in the Face of Defeat: The Schism Forming in the Russian Elite

Tatiana Stanovaya December 13, 2022 Recommended Reads
Russia is heading toward a final battle between the radicals, for whom escalation is a way of life, and the realists, who understand that continuing to up the ante could lead to their country’s collapse.
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The Importance of Being Russian: Can Belarus Survive the Kremlin’s War Against Ukraine?

Maxim Samorukov November 03, 2022 Recommended Reads
The war has left Belarus in a predicament, which boils down to depending on Russia for everything without enjoying the advantages of being part of Russia.
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Remarks at Valdai Discussion Club

Vladimir Putin October 27, 2022 Recommended Reads
Selected quotes from Putin's Oct. 27 speech at the Valdai Discussion Club.
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The World According to Patrushev

Simon Saradzhyan and Angelina Flood October 07, 2022 RM Exclusives
Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Russia’s Security Council, often comes up when discussion turns to possible Putin successors. Check out our compilation for some of his views on issues that impact important U.S. interests.
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The Best Way to Control Nuclear Escalation Is Simply to Not Start It

Fyodor Lukyanov interviews Konstantin Bogdanov October 05, 2022 Recommended Reads
Many volumes have been written on escalation control theories, but no one knows how to manage it.
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Bring Back the Fear

Fyodor Lukyanov interviews Dmitri Trenin September 26, 2022 Recommended Reads
Russia's "red line" is absent from the American rule book, which the world is based on. Therefore, the only thing that can stop the United States in this situation is fear—its own fear of the next step.
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From Thanking God to Seeing the Abyss: Russians React to Putin’s Mobilization

Simon Saradzhyan September 21, 2022 RM Exclusives
Check out our compilation for reactions to Putin's announcement from both Russia’s pro-war and anti-war camps.