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Clues from Russian Views

Why We Are Missing the Cold War

Andrey Sushentsov May 06, 2022
It is obvious that the Americans’ interest now is to make the Ukrainian crisis last as long as possible, so that Russia comes out of it weaker: this will create a different negotiating reality.

Ukraine War Fallout Highlights How Russia Matter(ed?) to Global Economy

RM Staff May 05, 2022 RM Exclusives
Industries from energy and agriculture to computer chips and electric-car batteries have been hurt by the fighting, the international sanctions and their knock-on effects.

Why Hasn’t Russia Unleashed ‘Cybergeddon’ in Its War on Ukraine?

RM Staff May 04, 2022 RM Exclusives
Some experts say expectations of cyber apocalypse have been overblown, while others argue Russia has already done plenty of cyber damage. Check out our compilation for what Russia’s use (and non-use) of cyber means in the war on Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Digital Fight Goes Global: The Risks of a Self-Directed, Volunteer Army of Hackers

Elisabeth Braw May 02, 2022 Recommended Reads
"There are serious risks involved in waging an informal cyber battle against Russia, particularly since cyber warfare may be one of the few remaining tools in the Kremlin’s playbook," the author writes.
Clues from Russian Views

Tested by Ukraine. Third Attempt

Konstantin Zatulin May 01, 2022
"After February 24 ... we have no other choice other than to win," says the Russian lawmaker.
Clues from Russian Views

Russia Isn’t a Military State. It’s a Delusional One

Yulia Latynina May 01, 2022
"How did Mr. Putin think he could win this war? The answer has to do with state delusion," the journalist says.

The Impact of the War in Ukraine on Global Trade and Investment

World Bank May 01, 2022 Recommended Reads
The war has direct effects on the firms operating in Russia and Ukraine and on firms relying on suppliers from those markets. But the shock caused by the war goes well beyond these two countries, as geopolitical risks have increased globally.
Clues from Russian Views

Ministry of the International Situation

Fyodor Lukyanov April 29, 2022
"Russia's place in the political map of the world depends on the fulfillment of tasks that relate to its internal sphere — political and socio-economic — rather than on drawing schemes of the world order," says the editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs.

Biden’s Dangerous New Ukraine Endgame: No Endgame

Michael Hirsh April 28, 2022 Recommended Reads
"Putin has year by year reintroduced nuclear weapons into his conventional war calculations. … Yet Putin has never come this close to threatening to use them, nor has he made clear if or how he might do so," the author writes.
Clues from Russian Views

Patrushev: The West Has Created an Empire of Lies, Involving the Destruction of Russia

Nikolai Patrushev April 26, 2022
"Washington and Brussels do not hide the fact that their sanctions are aimed at both the material and spiritual impoverishment of Russians," says the secretary of the Russian Security Council.
Clues from Russian Views

This War Cannot End in a Victory

Alexei Yurchak April 25, 2022
When reforms start at the top—and they will start because this war [in Ukraine] cannot end in a "victory"—the regime will collapse. We know from our recent history that such changes happen quickly and unexpectedly.

Would Putin’s Russia Really Nuke Ukraine?

Graham Allison April 22, 2022 Recommended Reads
If a nuclear strike killed 10,000 or 20,000 innocent Ukrainians, how would the United States or NATO respond?