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Clues from Russian Views

Devoted to Putin: Volodin's Views on Russia, the West and the Rest

RM Staff January 27, 2023 RM Exclusives
Despite his mastery of reductionist flattery and "unlimited devotion" to Putin, the speaker of the State Duma likely isn't a member of the Russian president's inner-most circle. Still, he may have a shot at the Kremlin when Putin steps down.

No, Weakening Russia Is Not “Costing Peanuts” for the U.S.

Trita Parsi January 20, 2023 Recommended Reads
As support slips for military funding to Ukraine, some analysts argue that America is getting a great deal for its money. But there are a lot of strategic costs that don’t show up on the balance sheet.

8 Lessons for Taiwan From Russia’s War in Ukraine

Tzu-yun Su January 18, 2023 RM Exclusives
While the fighting in Ukraine is on land, and thus very different from the maritime battlefield that would surround Taiwan, there are still many things this island nation can learn from Ukraine's defensive operations.
Competing Views on Russia

Kevin McCarthy on Russia, Ukraine and US Interests

RM Staff January 13, 2023 RM Exclusives
As newly elected speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the 57-year-old congressman has become much more consequential for U.S. foreign policy.
Clues from Russian Views

Dmitry Medvedev in His Own Words: From Modernizing Liberal to Hateful Hawk

RM Staff January 04, 2023 RM Exclusives
Analysts believe the public metamorphosis is meant to keep the ex-president/ex-prime minister politically relevant and close to Russia's pro-war ruling elite.

NPR 2022 Recognizes Importance of Risk Reduction, Falls Short on Reducing Role of Nukes

Leonor Tomero December 26, 2022 RM Exclusives
The latest Nuclear Posture Review maintains focus on both nuclear modernization and arms control/risk reduction as essential elements of deterrence but, in a way, seems to have broadened the role of nuclear weapons.

What’s Ahead in the War in Ukraine

Alex Vershinin December 22, 2022 RM Exclusives
The opposing sides have adopted two opposing strategies: Russians are fighting a traditional firepower-centric war of attrition; Ukraine is pursuing a terrain-focused war of maneuver. These opposing strategies are as much a product of national resource availability as a deliberate choice.

No One Would Win a Long War in Ukraine

Vladislav Zubok December 21, 2022 Recommended Reads
The West must formulate a major policy vision that obviates the desire of Ukraine and its staunchest supporters to have Russia smashed and neutralized.
Clues from Russian Views

Divided in the Face of Defeat: The Schism Forming in the Russian Elite

Tatiana Stanovaya December 13, 2022 Recommended Reads
Russia is heading toward a final battle between the radicals, for whom escalation is a way of life, and the realists, who understand that continuing to up the ante could lead to their country’s collapse.
book review

‘Accidental Czar’: A Creative Take on the Putin Biography

José Alaniz December 07, 2022 RM Exclusives
Andrew S. Weiss and cartoonist Brian “Box” Brown’s first-ever graphic biography does not add anything new in terms of content, but rather makes its subject accessible to a different, wider readership.

Despite Russian Reliance on Iranian Drones, Tehran’s Leverage Over Moscow Is Limited

Mark N. Katz December 01, 2022 RM Exclusives
Russia's desire to maintain good relations with America's traditional allies in the region will serve to limit what Moscow is willing to do for Tehran.

Russia vs Europe: Who Is Winning the Energy War?

Li-Chen Sim November 23, 2022 RM Exclusives
Some declare Moscow the victor. Others claim not only that this is a “myth” but that Russia faces “economic oblivion.” Who’s right depends on the time horizon.