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To Blunt the Threat of Harm From AI, First Prevent Cold War II

Robert Wright June 08, 2023 Recommended Reads
 What's needed is a world more like that of a couple of decades ago, before America's relations with China (and Russia) started to go downhill, the author argues.

Ground Rules for the Age of AI Warfare

Lauren Kahn June 06, 2023 Recommended Reads
How to Keep Autonomous Weapons From Stumbling Into Conflict
Competing Views on Russia

Kissinger on Russia: Insights and Recommendations

RM Staff and Associates May 26, 2023 RM Exclusives
In a newly updated compilation of remarks—including excerpts from Winston Lord's 2019 book—the eminent U.S. statesman offers ways to reconcile America’s necessities with Russia’s concerns.

Why Putin Will Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

Kevin Ryan May 17, 2023 RM Exclusives
A former U.S. defense attaché to Moscow believes it's almost unavoidable.

For Russians, Reading Is the New Resistance

Andrei Kolesnikov May 14, 2023 Recommended Reads
When Russia launched the war that Russians must not call a war—the “special military operation,” in the Kremlin’s parlance—many Russians immediately recognized the Orwellian reality in which they now lived. George Orwell's 1984, a dystopian novel about a totalitarian regime in a state of perpetual war written in the 1940s, became the most popular fiction book.
Clues from Russian Views

Russia's Prime Minister Mishustin: A Quiet Technocrat Who Toes the Line and Gets Results

Yana Demeshko, Natasha Yefimova-Trilling and Ingrid Burke Friedman May 11, 2023 RM Exclusives
Though he’s no warmonger, Mishustin has stayed in his post and not challenged the Kremlin’s messaging on the war in Ukraine.

US Intel Leaks Highlight Russia's Limited Options in Face of Ukraine's Counteroffensive

Pavel Luzin May 05, 2023 RM Exclusives
Moscow’s main bet militarily seems to be on playing defense, as it lacks the manpower, arms and commanders to regain strategic initiative on the battlefield.

Rattling the Nuclear Saber: What Russia’s Nuclear Threats Really Mean

Lauren Sukin May 04, 2023 Recommended Reads
It is precisely because of, and not in spite of, the fact that Moscow and Pyongyang have repeatedly held their nuclear arsenals over Western heads that leaders should take these threats seriously.

How to End the War in Ukraine

Rajan Menon April 26, 2023 Recommended Reads
On Stopping the Fighting and Building the Peace

Biden's Ukraine Dilemma: Balancing Democratic Ideals, Russia Tensions and US-China Rivalry

Paul Saunders April 26, 2023 RM Exclusives
Of the Ukraine policy options available to Biden, staying the course might seem especially attractive, but if the Ukrainian offensive fails, it could weaken the negotiating leverage that the Biden administration is working to amass in Kyiv, while also undercutting political support for Zelensky in Ukraine and in the West.

Ukraine War Compels Bundeswehr to Refocus and Rebuild, but at Too Slow a Pace

Erich Vad April 20, 2023 RM Exclusives
In the past, Germany believed it could afford to neglect national and NATO defense because the threat situation was quite different. In retrospect, this was politically short-sighted.

The West Needs a New Strategy in Ukraine

Richard Haass and Charles Kupchan April 18, 2023
As the war stretches into its second year, Western leaders need to develop a plan for getting from the battlefield to the negotiating table