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Digest | May 22, 2023
Plus: Adamsky on Russia’s “new nuclear normal”
Event | May 24, 2023
Join the Quincy Institute for a discussion on the diplomatic path to a ceasefire in Ukraine, the calls for which are likely to increase later this year.
Digest | May 19, 2023
Plus: Ukraine’s chief justice arrested over alleged $3m bribe
Analysis | May 17, 2023
A former U.S. defense attaché to Moscow believes it's almost unavoidable.
Post | May 16, 2023
May 16 update: Continued stalemate, with small Ukrainian advances in Donetsk and Kharkiv. The UK sent Ukraine missiles with a range of over 155 miles, able to hit almost all occupied territory. Net territorial change in the past month: Ukraine +64 square miles.
Digest | May 15, 2023
Plus: Why Russia may want CFE revived, even as it now seeks to exit it
Analysis | May 14, 2023
When Russia launched the war that Russians must not call a war—the “special military operation,” in the Kremlin’s parlance—many Russians immediately recognized the Orwellian reality in which they now lived. George Orwell's 1984, a dystopian novel about a totalitarian regime in a state of perpetual war written in the 1940s, became the most popular fiction book.
Digest | May 12, 2023
Plus: Cyberespionage system dismantled; Moscow haven proposed for conservative Westerners
Analysis | May 11, 2023
Though he’s no warmonger, Mishustin has stayed in his post and not challenged the Kremlin’s messaging on the war in Ukraine.
Post | May 09, 2023
May 9 update: Continued stalemate. Ukrainian and US officials denied involvement after two drones flew into the Kremlin. Net territorial change in the past month: Ukraine +48 square miles.