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Why There Won’t Be a People’s Republic of Left-Bank Ukraine Just Yet

Simon Saradzhyan November 23, 2021 RM Exclusives
Putin may have lost patience with Zelenskiy, but he is unlikely to give marching orders to Russian troops until he exhausts options with Biden.

Germany’s New-Old Approach to Russia: Strong in Rhetoric But Weak in Substance?

Liana Fix November 18, 2021 RM Exclusives
To understand Germany’s future approach to Russia, look beyond it. Security and energy policy, more than foreign policy alone, will play an important role, and the repercussions of decisions in these areas will affect Russia’s leverage toward Europe.

Influence of the Defense Industry on US National Security Strategy

Matt Korda November 12, 2021 RM Exclusives
The U.S. government has created a corporate juggernaut with inordinate influence over policy, particularly vis-à-vis Russia.

A Greener Russia? Moscow’s Agenda at the COP26 Climate Summit

Anastasia Likhacheva November 09, 2021 Recommended Reads
Russia managed to formulate three climate principles ahead of COP26 that its delegation is promoting in Glasgow and, most likely, will continue to long after the summit ends.

NDAA-2022: How US Priorities Regarding Russia Have Shifted

Aleksandra Srdanovic November 05, 2021 RM Exclusives
This comparison of all provisions of the enacted 2021 and proposed 2022 NDAAs that affect Russia, former Soviet republics and Baltic countries highlights how U.S. priorities regarding Russia have shifted in recent years.

Russia’s Defense Industry and Its Influence on Policy: Stuck in a Redistributive Feedback Loop

Pavel Luzin November 03, 2021 RM Exclusives
In competing for government resources Russia’s defense corporations and the people affiliated with them become both beneficiaries and proponents of Moscow’s ongoing confrontation with the West.

Not a Military Base: Why Did China Commit to an Outpost in Tajikistan?

Giulia Sciorati November 02, 2021 Recommended Reads
Strategic considerations have spurred Russia and China to develop balancing lines in Central Asia. Both countries, though, have crossed these lines at some point.

Can the United States Discourage Sino-Russian Alignment?

Center for the National Interest November 01, 2021 Partner Posts
Experts discuss Sino-Russian relations and what the United States can do to discourage Sino-Russian alignment against American interests.

Angela Merkel’s Departure Unlikely to Change Germany’s Russia Policy

Jonas Driedger October 30, 2021 Recommended Reads
Germany’s new coalition government is unlikely to include elements that could push for drastic change. Even Russia seems to be prepared for continuity on key issues from Berlin.

How Has Coronavirus Changed International Relations and Russian Foreign Policy?

Alexander Gabuev, Kadri Liik and Dmitri Trenin October 29, 2021 Partner Posts
In this episode of the Carnegie Moscow Center Podcast, experts discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Russian foreign policy.

Deeper US Engagement with Uzbekistan Stymied by Changing US Priorities, Russian Wariness

Scott Radnitz October 26, 2021 RM Exclusives
After a long hiatus, Uzbekistan is back on America's radar, but any U.S. reengagement with Uzbekistan is likely to be short-lived and superficial.

PONARS Eurasia Fall Policy Conference 2021

PONARS Eurasia October 24, 2021 Partner Posts
Leading experts from around the world discuss US-Russia relations, security and geopolitics topics.