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Digest | Dec 15, 2023
Post | Dec 15, 2023
A cross-section of views on Putin's revelation that he plans to seek yet another presidential term.
Event | Dec 24, 2023
Emigrate or stay in Russia? The question so central to Russian intellectual discussions nowadays is, in a sense, a recurrence of a dilemma poised poignantly in Anna Akhmatova’s poetry one hundred years ago. More than once did mutual relationships between Akhmatova and Russian émigré community reach…
Analysis | Dec 13, 2023
Putin wants the 2024 elections to confirm that he is the only option for seeing the Ukraine conflict to a successful close.
Post | Dec 12, 2023
December 12 update: No significant territorial change. Congressional aid package remains stalled after Zelensky visit to D.C. in which Biden promised to support Ukraine for “as long as we can.” Net territorial change in the past month: Russia +21 square miles.
Digest | Dec 08, 2023