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Event | November 02, 2018

Ideologies of Race in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union

Join NYU's Jordan Center for a talk with David Rainbow on race in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union. Rainbow, an instructional assistant professor of history at the University of Houston, discusses how race worked in Russia and the Soviet Union at various points.
Event | November 09, 2018

The Legacy Path: Discover Russia Abroad With Marc Raeff

Join Columbia's Harriman Institute for reflections on the legacy of Columbia Professor Marc Raeff (d. 2008) by colleagues, students and family and a celebration of the opening of his archive. 
Analysis | October 31, 2018

US Sanctions Against Russia: What You Need to Know

While Washington clearly intends to continue using sanctions as a primary means of confronting Russia, it is less apparent what the various sanctions imposed since 2012 have done to change Russian behavior.
Event | November 05, 2018

Summit Diplomacy in the Korean Peninsula

Join Georgetown's Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies for a talk on peace, security and diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula with Georgy Toloraya, a Russian diplomat and academic with decades of experience in Korean affairs.
Event | November 05, 2018

Russia and the American Elections: 2016 and Tomorrow

Join Harvard Kennedy School's Homeland Security Project for a lunch talk with Lisa Monaco on Russia’s role in the 2016 election, the FBI investigation and implications going forward.