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Birth & Death Rates

Life Expectancy

While life expectancy in Russia has been rising steadily since 2003, it still compares poorly to other countries. In 2015, according to the World Health Organization, Russia ranked 110th out of 183 nations with an average life expectancy at birth of 70.5, compared to a global average of 71.4. (Other sources rank it considerably lower because they include more countries and territories: 154th in 2017 per the CIA, 166th in 2015 per the World Bank and 150th in 2010-2015 per the U.N.) Moreover, the disparity between men and women—in the latter's favor—was the largest in the world in 2015 and has been among the top three for some years. Women’s life expectancy at birth in the WHO statistics for 2015 was 76.3, or 89th in the world, while men’s was a sobering 64.7, placing them 127th on the list, between the Philippines and Mongolia. Select different radio buttons on the graph below to see comparisons with some other countries.

Ethnic Groups & Languages

Median Age

Harvard graduate student Aleksandra Srdanovic contributed to research for these infographics.