What the Russian People Think About the War and its Mastermind

Feb. 15, 2024, 8:00-9:30am
Alumnae Ballroom (East), Wellesley College

As Russia anticipates its presidential election in mid-March, the catastrophic Russo-Ukrainian War continues its relentless march, with some half a million military dead and wounded and high civilian casualties in Ukraine. How does this war resonate in Russia? Polls suggest that most Russians approve of the war and expect a Russian victory. Western sanctions have had little effect on Russia’s economy. High oil prices mean robust cash reserves; restaurants and theaters are thriving. What does this say about how various sectors of the Russian populace feel about this war and President Putin, whose upcoming election to his fifth term is a foregone conclusion? Up to one million Russians have left the country since the invasion two years ago. How do they view Putin and the war? A panel of experts will address these and related issues.

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