London conference 2024 - Chatham House

June 20, 2024, 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
St Pancras, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London and online

Join the Chatham House London Conference. The international order is fragmenting as states compete for influence and resources. International relations are increasingly transactional and volatile. Conflicts are raging across Sudan, Ukraine and Gaza and few actors possess the power to pursue pathways of peace. This year is also a unique opportunity for governments around the world to reset their mandates for change – finding new solutions to the climate crisis, migration or economic transformation.

Chatham House’s London Conference 2024 offers a unique forum to assess:

  • What will elections across the world mean for the international order?
  • Which steps can be taken towards peace and security in the Middle East?
  • What would it take to advance global action on the energy transition?
  • And do the demands of emerging powers offer a chance to reform the UN system and other global institutions?

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