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To Blunt the Threat of Harm From AI, First Prevent Cold War II

Robert Wright June 08, 2023 Recommended Reads
 What's needed is a world more like that of a couple of decades ago, before America's relations with China (and Russia) started to go downhill, the author argues.

Ground Rules for the Age of AI Warfare

Lauren Kahn June 06, 2023 Recommended Reads
How to Keep Autonomous Weapons From Stumbling Into Conflict

For Russians, Reading Is the New Resistance

Andrei Kolesnikov May 14, 2023 Recommended Reads
When Russia launched the war that Russians must not call a war—the “special military operation,” in the Kremlin’s parlance—many Russians immediately recognized the Orwellian reality in which they now lived. George Orwell's 1984, a dystopian novel about a totalitarian regime in a state of perpetual war written in the 1940s, became the most popular fiction book.

The Top 5 Lessons from Year 1 of Ukraine’s War

Stephen M. Walt February 09, 2023 Recommended Reads
Europe’s brutal conflict has been a harsh but instructive teacher.

Russia and Ukraine Have Incentives to Negotiate. The U.S. Has Other Plans

Christopher Caldwell February 07, 2023 Recommended Reads
Russia has more than three times Ukraine’s population, an intact economy and superior military technology. At the same time, Russia has its own problems; until recently, a shortage of soldiers and the vulnerability of its arms depots to missile strikes have slowed its westward progress.

No, Weakening Russia Is Not “Costing Peanuts” for the U.S.

Trita Parsi January 20, 2023 Recommended Reads
As support slips for military funding to Ukraine, some analysts argue that America is getting a great deal for its money. But there are a lot of strategic costs that don’t show up on the balance sheet.

Will Putin’s War in Ukraine Continue Without Him?

Shawn Cochran October 10, 2022 Recommended Reads
History demonstrates that the leader who starts a costly, protracted war is rarely willing to end the war short of victory—but history also shows that leadership change does not always facilitate peace. 

Putin Is Not Bluffing With His Nuclear Threats

Graham Allison October 03, 2022 Recommended Reads
What do Biden and his national security team know that makes them take Putin’s nuclear threat so seriously?

The Cuban Missile Crisis at 60: 6 Timeless Lessons for Arms Control

Graham Allison October 01, 2022 Recommended Reads
Key lessons from the crisis have been adapted and applied by the successors of Kennedy and Khrushchev to inform fateful choices.

The World Putin Wants

Fiona Hill and Angela Stent August 25, 2022 Recommended Reads
Russia’s president ordered his "special military operation" because he believes that it is Russia’s divine right to rule Ukraine, to wipe out the country’s national identity and to integrate its people into a Greater Russia.

The Case Against a New Arms Race

Rose Gottemoeller August 09, 2022 Recommended Reads
New defense innovations promise not just to transform warfare but also to undermine the logic and utility of nuclear weapons.

Reviving Arms Control, Post-Ukraine: Why New START Still Matters

Stephen J. Cimbala and Lawrence J. Korb July 13, 2022 Recommended Reads
Will the continuing war in Ukraine and resulting toxic relations between Russia and NATO push nuclear arms control into the dustbin of history?