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Event | September 24, 2018

Putin's Fourth Term: What Lies Ahead

 Join CERES for a day-long conference on the prospects for Putin's fourth term, featuring panels with prominent Russia experts.
Analysis | August 07, 2018

When Does Vladimir Putin’s Russia Send In Troops?

Examining Putin’s three military interventions abroad, the author sees a pattern in which two conditions must be present for Russia to intervene with force: a threat to its vital interests and a reasonable chance of success.
Analysis | August 04, 2018

Politics Surpasses Satire in Ukraine

Vladimir Zelensky, a comedian who plays a teacher unwittingly elected president of Ukraine in a popular television show, is in some polls Ukraine’s second most popular presidential candidate, beaten only by veteran populist Yulia Tymoshenko. Petro Poroshenko, the incumbent, scores just 5 percent.
Analysis | August 02, 2018

Will Pension Protests ‘Take Down’ Putin?

Russia’s push to raise its pension age has sparked a public backlash, driving the president’s approval ratings to their lowest point in years. But Putin has survived worse, and is likely to bend before he breaks.