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Event | Jun 20, 2024
Join the Chatham House London Conference. The international order is fragmenting as states compete for influence and resources. International relations are increasingly transactional and volatile. Conflicts are raging across Sudan, Ukraine and Gaza and few actors possess the power to pursue…
Digest | Mar 08, 2024
Post | Mar 07, 2024
Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas was quoted on Jan. 17, 2024, as saying that every member of the so-called Ramstein group should give the equivalent of 0.25% of their gross domestic product to Kyiv annually, which “would raise at least €120 billion ($131 billion) and swing the conflict in…
Analysis | Feb 29, 2024
Aleksey Dyumin, Putin's former bodyguard and governor of the Tula oblast—which Dyumin has called Russia's "weapons capital"—will likely be one of the top contenders to succeed Putin thanks to his proximity to the Russian leader and his versatile experience.
Event | Feb 29, 2024
Please join the Center for Strategic & International Studies for a timely and crucial discussion in order to shed light on Russia’s religious persecution and misinformation in Ukraine and seek practical solutions to hold Russia accountable.
Event | Mar 06, 2024
In his 2014 address to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin defined Crimea, Sevastopol and Chersonesus as sacred geographies for Russia, comparing these places to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He continues to reinforce this narrative on visits to the region that combine political…
Event | Feb 28, 2024
In this Long View conversation, Michael Kimmage will interview Maria Lipman about the political landscape in Russia. One story line is the March 2024 presidential election in Russia and its significance both for Vladimir Putin and for the Russian population. Another story line is incorporation of…

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