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Sen. Sam Nunn: 'We Have a Choice Between Cooperation or Catastrophe'

Mariana Budjeryn June 20, 2017 RM Exclusives
The veteran U.S. lawmaker, who played a key role in dismantling and safeguarding the nuclear weapons of a disintegrating Soviet Union, reflects on the program’s motives, impact and shortcomings.

4 US Ambassadors Offer a Positive Agenda for US-Russian Relations

John R. Beyrle, James F. Collins, Jack F. Matlock, Jr. and Alexander R. Vershbow June 19, 2017 Partner Posts
Bilateral ties are in crisis, with a trust level “below zero.” The stakes are too high to let relations deteriorate further. Here are several areas of potential cooperation.

Taking the Edge off U.S.-Russia Strategic Relations

Steven Pifer June 16, 2017 RM Exclusives
Now that the U.S. and Russia have agreed to resume talks on strategic stability, they should begin them as soon as possible in order to prevent a conflict with dire consequences.

25 Years of Nuclear Security Cooperation by the US, Russia and Other Newly Independent States: A Timeline

Mariana Budjeryn, Simon Saradzhyan and William Tobey June 16, 2017 RM Exclusives
At a time when the U.S. and the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union still saw each other as mortal enemies, they found the courage, creativity and capacity for trust to work together in the name of preventing nuclear catastrophe.

Damage Assessment: EU-Russia Relations in Crisis

Łukasz Kulesa, Ivan Timofeev and Joseph Dobbs June 15, 2017 Partner Posts
Russian and European experts offer their analysis on fundamental aspects of deteriorating EU-Russia relations.

For Washington, Russia Makes Afghanistan Mess Even Messier

Jeffrey Mankoff June 14, 2017 RM Exclusives
As U.S. military efforts meet with little success, Russia has taken a much more active approach to Afghanistan, building bridges with the Taliban and hoping to enhance its role in the region.
Competing Views on Russia

Brzezinski on Russia: Insights and Recommendations

RM Staff June 01, 2017 RM Exclusives
The former presidential advisor on national security retained a deep skepticism about Russia’s aims and intentions, even when calling on the U.S. to integrate it into the West.

Snapshot Analysis: Trump, NATO, Russia

Nikolas K. Gvosdev May 26, 2017 RM Exclusives
The U.S. president has left officials in Brussels, Moscow and even Washington guessing whether there has been a fundamental shift in how the White House sees NATO’s focus and mission.

The Foreign Policy Price of Trump’s Russia Scandal

Robert E. Hunter May 23, 2017 Recommended Reads
In the current maelstrom of U.S. domestic politics, it will be virtually impossible for the United States to do what’s needed to promote its interests regarding Russia and related security issues.

As China Rises, Russia Tries to Make the Best of a Tough Situation

Jeanne L. Wilson May 19, 2017 RM Exclusives
Beijing’s giant trade and transit initiative, called One Belt, One Road, symbolizes a shifting balance of global power, and Moscow is casting about for a decent spot in the new order.