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UK Policy Toward Russia, Ukraine: Could It Change Under Labour?

Mary Dejevsky June 27, 2024 RM Exclusives
While there are many areas where Labour’s leader, Sir Keir Starmer, is eyeing change, policy toward Russia and Ukraine will not be among them—good news for the U.S. Biden administration insofar as it continues to consider Ukraine’s defense a vital U.S. national interest.
Clues from Russian Views

Moscow’s Loyal Mayor: Sergei Sobyanin’s Views on Russia, Ukraine and More

Olga Kiyan June 20, 2024 RM Exclusives
Sobyanin has featured in lists of Putin’s successors for some time, partly as a result of Sobyanin’s ability to toe whatever lines Putin sets on key aspects of Russia’s internal policies, while staying mum on trickier external policies (Russia’s war in Ukraine being one exception).

Is Putin Too Old to Rule Russia?

RM Associates and Staff June 12, 2024 RM Exclusives
Our research shows that in terms of age, Putin is not an outlier among Russia’s rulers of the past century nor among the present rulers of some of Russia’s peers, allies and adversaries.
book review

Stephen Kotkin on Ukraine, Russia, China and the World

Kate Davidson June 06, 2024 RM Exclusives
Stephen Kotkin, a renowned historian and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, surveys what happened, where we stand now and what the United States should do next in his contribution to a collection of essays covering the Russia-Ukraine war.

Expert Survey: What to Expect From Putin’s Fifth Term?

RM Staff May 10, 2024 RM Exclusives
We asked several of America’s leading Russia experts to comment on what to expect from Russia’s relations with the West, China and post-Soviet Eurasia during Vladimir Putin’s new term, and how long his rule may last.

Fiona Hill on Putin, Ukraine, Global Challenges

Angelina Flood May 01, 2024 RM Exclusives
In this exclusive interview with Russia Matters, Hill paints a picture of a world in flux, in part due to Russia’s revisionist actions.

Expert Survey: Does Russia’s Presidential Election Matter to US and Its Allies?

RM Staff March 15, 2024 RM Exclusives
Some Western Russia experts agree that despite Putin's inevitable victory, the election can still offer clues about the challenges the Kremlin faces, as well as the extent of anti-war sentiment among Russians.

Mearsheimer on Where the Ukraine War Is Headed

RM Staff March 14, 2024 RM Exclusives
On a recent episode of the “Daniel Davis Deep Dive” podcast, John Mearsheimer has claimed that he considers “ridiculous” the idea that Ukraine will be able to take the offensive in 2024 or 2025.
Clues from Russian Views

The World According to Dyumin—Putin’s Former Bodyguard and His Potential Successor

Olga Kiyan February 29, 2024 RM Exclusives
Aleksey Dyumin, Putin's former bodyguard and governor of the Tula oblast—which Dyumin has called Russia's "weapons capital"—will likely be one of the top contenders to succeed Putin thanks to his proximity to the Russian leader and his versatile experience.

Macron’s European Security Order: Stronger European Defense, Less Reliance on US and New Post-War Dynamic With Russia

Rym Momtaz February 02, 2024 RM Exclusives
Since February 2023, Macron has consistently stated that Russia cannot and must not win its war against Ukraine—but at the same time, he has repeatedly talked about the need to build a security architecture “with” Russia once the war is over.
Competing Views on Russia

Kissinger on Russia: Insights and Recommendations

RM Staff and Associates December 01, 2023 RM Exclusives
In a compilation of remarks, newly updated following the eminent U.S. statesman's passing, Kissinger offers ways to reconcile America’s necessities with Russia’s concerns.

What Would a Trump Administration Mean for the War in Ukraine?

Anatol Lieven November 30, 2023 RM Exclusives
Following the failure of the Ukrainian offensive, all major players in the war in Ukraine seem to be awaiting the outcome of the 2024 U.S. presidential election to address the problem of negotiations.